Lake / Pond

For all fishermen, laics, those who want to try adrenaline at the fishing, but also for those who want to experience active relaxation at the water in the natural environment and forget about the usual worries there is also a private pond.

The water area of approximately 1.5 hectares with dimensions of cca 180m x 85m with an average water depth of almost 2 meters is designed for your relaxation and refreshment. Gradual entry into the water is quite popular among the children or non-swimmers. There is also a solar shower available for refreshment.

Out of the summer season, the lake is mainly used by fishermen. Here you can catch the fish like Common carp, Western catfish, Northern pike, Siver carp, White amur, Zander, Crucian carp, European chub and largemoouth bass. Of course, there are also capital pieces.

We are sure taht your families, friendly lots or companies will take away a lot of pleasant experiences from us. Companies can reserve the whole area just for themselves. We will make it easy for both, the amateur and the professionals who want to share their fishing experience with their family and acquaintances.


Adresa: Lackovce, 06601 Humenné,
Mobil: 0907 099 568,  0907 545 955

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