Does it attract you swimming in pure water without a chemical in a beautiful natural enviroment with a view at the beauty of the flowering water lilies? It is also possible in our complex.

Newly built natural swimming-pool covers an area of over 1400 m2. The bathing area is divided into 3 depth zones for swimmers, young children and non-swimmers. Children’s pool has a special entrance and is separated from adult section by a wooden bridge due to childrens safety.

The slightly sloping surface of the pool provides plenty of room for swimmers as well as non-swimmers. Water depth from 10 cm till 180 cm is available for the public in summer or according to weather. The water temperature is around 22 to 26 degrees Celsius.

The indoor pool area also includes a pool area with a possibility to rent a wooden deck for the whole day. Water quality is regularly monitored during the summer months on the basis of laboratory analyzes of the samples taken. The results of individual water analyzes are published besides this page also on our facebook Jazero L.A.


The water is purely cleaned by natural way – without chemicals. Filtration of water takes place in the external biological zone using the technology of self-cleaning water by plants and zooplankton. Water is pumped from the pool into the adjancent cleaning tank, where certain kinds of aquatic plants are planted.

In general, a large and varied zooplankton population in the pond is an effective filter with feedback, which means the more the water is polluted the more zooplankton is trying to eliminate this imbalance and vice versa the cleaner the water the more zooplankton population because he has nothing to live on.

It is a self-regulation of a pond that is also a major contributor to the aquatic plants that are constantly hunting with leaves under water that grow and receive nutrients from the water the more the water is polluted and on the contrary stop the growth in pure water poor on any nutrients as, of course, they also have nothing to do grow.

The system has other advantages. The cleaning tank is shallow and thus water is heated by the sun. Flowing into the pool, pleasantly warm water is suitable mainly for those who suffer from allergic reactions to chemical disinfectants.


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