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Reopening the fishing season from 1.9.2108 !!!

The part of the estate is a private pond with an area of circa 1.5 hectares and a size of approximately 180m x 85m with an average water depth of approximately 2m.

Nowadays, the fish are being restocking, even the trophy pieces. On the bait you can catch here the Wels Catfish, Northern Pike, Silver Carp, Grass Carp, Zander, Common Carp, European Chub and European Perch.

Watersides of the ponds are regularly mowed and trimmed. In the northern and southern part of the pond you will surely appreciate the gradual entry to the water, on the east side there are build enough staircases.You can also fish from built moles.

In addition to the surrounding buffets and the garden restaurant, for fishermen there are also available wooden gazebos with a grill, where you can do something to eat in your privacy or prepare your own catch. Fishing is possible from 1. of September 2018, every day from 9:00 to sunset.

However, the fishing is essential to report to the manager of the pond in advance.

It is necessary that you bring your own landing-net and pad. For the enter price you can catch on two fishing rods. When the fishing has finished, you must report it in the same place as you reported at the beginning. We also offer night fishing. The whole area is fully illuminated and in case of interest we will take care of refresments. In the case of night fishing, the price is 10 euros per person, but minimum is 40 euros.

Generous experiences will be taken by families, crews or companies that can reserve a pond just for themselves. Longer rental is also possible.

We also offer you the option to buy your fish, the price depends on the current price list. Live and undissected fish must be brought to weigh on without delay.

We are also planning to provide the accommodation for fisherman.


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