Does it attract you swimming in pure water without a chemical in a beautiful natural enviroment with a view at the beauty of the flowering water lilies? It is also possible in our complex.

Newly built natural swimming-pool covers an area of over 1400 m2. The bathing area is divided into 3 depth zones for swimmers, young children and non-swimmers. Children’s pool has a special entrance and is separated from adult section by a wooden bridge due to childrens safety.

The slightly sloping surface of the pool provides plenty of room for swimmers as well as non-swimmers. Water depth from 10 cm till 180 cm is available for the public in summer or according to weather. The water temperature is around 22 to 26 degrees Celsius.

The indoor pool area also includes a pool area with a possibility to rent a wooden deck for the whole day. Water quality is regularly monitored during the summer months on the basis of laboratory analyzes of the samples taken. The results of individual water analyzes are published besides this page also on our facebook Jazero L.A.


The water is purely cleaned by natural way – without chemicals. Filtration of water takes place in the external biological zone using the technology of self-cleaning water by plants and zooplankton. Water is pumped from the pool into the adjancent cleaning tank, where certain kinds of aquatic plants are planted.

In general, a large and varied zooplankton population in the pond is an effective filter with feedback, which means the more the water is polluted the more zooplankton is trying to eliminate this imbalance and vice versa the cleaner the water the more zooplankton population because he has nothing to live on.

It is a self-regulation of a pond that is also a major contributor to the aquatic plants that are constantly hunting with leaves under water that grow and receive nutrients from the water the more the water is polluted and on the contrary stop the growth in pure water poor on any nutrients as, of course, they also have nothing to do grow.

The system has other advantages. The cleaning tank is shallow and thus water is heated by the sun. Flowing into the pool, pleasantly warm water is suitable mainly for those who suffer from allergic reactions to chemical disinfectants.

Lake / Pond

For all fishermen, laics, those who want to try adrenaline at the fishing, but also for those who want to experience active relaxation at the water in the natural environment and forget about the usual worries there is also a private pond.

The water area of approximately 1.5 hectares with dimensions of cca 180m x 85m with an average water depth of almost 2 meters is designed for your relaxation and refreshment. Gradual entry into the water is quite popular among the children or non-swimmers. There is also a solar shower available for refreshment.

Out of the summer season, the lake is mainly used by fishermen. Here you can catch the fish like Common carp, Western catfish, Northern pike, Siver carp, White amur, Zander, Crucian carp, European chub and largemoouth bass. Of course, there are also capital pieces.

We are sure taht your families, friendly lots or companies will take away a lot of pleasant experiences from us. Companies can reserve the whole area just for themselves. We will make it easy for both, the amateur and the professionals who want to share their fishing experience with their family and acquaintances.

Garden restaurant

Hiding from a summer heats provides also our garden restaurant where we serve cold refreshing drinks along with tasty food. You can try our 100% fruit juices prepared from fresh fruits or enjoy your grilled meals on charcoal with specific aroma.

The unique atmosphere of the restaurant multiplies its perfect natural location directly between the pond and the Cirocha River. Watching the fish in the lake, listening to sounds of water flow or listening to the birds singing in the green surroundings will surely make you more enjoyable time spent in our resort.

The garden restaurant in the line with the newly-built adjacent pergola, has approximately of 150 covers and is a perfect venue for social events. It’s been a “couple of years” during which we prepare for you various events according to your wishes. In our premises you can organize family celebrations, school meetings, corporate meetings, teambuildings, sports days, school events, barbecues, etc. A part of your actions and at once – and the often used option can be a cultural-entertainment program such as various genres of live music, karaoke, disco, folk narrator-entertainer, etc.). We will be happy to help you with organise the program. We also can provide you a closed company where you have the guaranteed placidity of your event.

The restaurant also has a children’s playground with a trampoline, jungle gyms, sandbox and children’s swings.

Wine cellar “u Tučňaka”

Since June 1 2020, there is also a newly built stylish Wine cellar with year – round operation available in the area. The cellar is built in the traditional way of natural materials so nowdays a little unusuall. Massive stone perimeter walls, log entry and solid wood furniture suitably shape the cellar atmosphere.

However, the main thing is the offer of carefully selected wines from Slovak vineyards. There are also other refresments, including coffee and tea, but mainly cold kitchen in the form of delicious cheeses and homemade meat products.

The cellar has a capacity of 30 – 40 people and is also suitable fór organizing familly celebrations, corporate or other events.
Thanks to high – quality audio technology you can combine your event with more fun and food.

Thanks to large LCD receiver it will certainly be interested in watching all your sporting events such as the Champions League, the Hockey World championship, …

Otváracie hodiny:

Monday         15:00 – 22:30
Tuesday         15:00 – 22:30
Wednesday   15:00 – 22:30
Thursday       15:00 – 22:30
Friday             15:00 – 22:30
Saturday        14:00 – 22:30
Sunday           11:00 – 22:30