Refuge from the summer heat is also provided by the garden restaurant, where you can refresh yourself with cold drinks while enjoying tasty meals. Taste 100% fruit juices that we prepare from fresh fruit or grilled delicacies fragrant with charcoal smoke. The garden restaurant together with the adjacent newly built pergola provides approximately 150 seats.

The exceptional atmosphere of the restaurant is multiplied by its perfect natural location directly between the pond and the Cirocha river. Watching the fish in the lake, listening to the babbling of the Cirocha stream or listening to the singing of birds surrounded by greenery will certainly make your time spent with us pleasant.

It has been “a few years” during which we have been preparing various events for you according to your wishes. In our premises, you can organize family celebrations, reunions from school days, company meetings, teambuildings, sports days, school events, barbecues, etc. A cultural and entertainment program such as live music of various genres, karaoke, disco, storyteller-entertainer, etc. can be a part and frequently used option of your events. We will be happy to help you with securing the program. We can also provide you with a closed company, where you are guaranteed a peaceful course of your event.

The restaurant also includes a children’s playground, which is especially appreciated by mothers with children in the summer. A trampoline, climbing frames, sandbox and children’s swings await your children.